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The Art of Daniel R. Horne

Daniel R. Horne has been making art professionally for the past thirty one  years.

From paperback covers and children’s books to gallery paintings and one of a kind art dolls, Daniel’s art is in many private collections from Hong Kong to New York City.

Daniel’s art has been featured in many of the genre’s leading magazines and has been honored to have his painting: ARCADIA on the cover of : SPECTRUM the best of fantastic art., The covers  for MONSTERS FROM THE VAULT, SCREEM MAGAZINE and a fine interview in make up artist magazine.

Daniel’s classic monster paintings are in the collection of DAVID and JAN HAFT, GUILLERMO DEL TORO, RICK BAKER, GREG NICOTERO .

No matter the medium, Daniel gives each and every one of his creations life and a history.


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Girlan ongoing series by Lora Mathis

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Bettie Page by Irving Klaw (1950’s)

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pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything


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